Women’s Self-Defense Seminars

In this self-defense program, you will learn how to assess and take action in any situation. Whether you’re leaving work late one night or walking through your own neighborhood, an attack can happen at any moment. We teach you the necessary martial arts skills to defend yourself from an attacker and control the situation. You will not only strengthen your body physically but psychologically you will build confidence in your ability to fight and control the initial fear of an attack. Our real-world scenarios are designed to teach you step-by-step how to protect yourself from an attacker and make you more aware of what to look for to avoid a potential attack.

In our 90min seminar, you will learn:

  • What the predator looks for in his victims
  • How to avoid fitting the victim profile
  • Easy to learn awareness drills
  • Simply yet highly effective Stun & Escape techniques
  • Lifesaving rape defense techniques
  • Use of makeshift weapons
  • Use of personal safety devices

We host our life-saving seminar/workshop at your location or ours.
Call and book your event today. This training could literally save you or a staff member’s life!

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