Adult Kung Fu

This exciting and challenging martial arts program gives you the best of both worlds! Here you’ll improve your fitness level to include; strength, flexibility, cardio, and energy level, while learning traditional self-defense. Known for its graceful but deadly movements, Kung Fu is vastly becoming a popular choice for both teens and adults.

In this program, great emphasis is placed on developing strong basics. Master Wallace Powell, a 43+ year practitioner, has refined this program and produced hundreds of well-rounded Kung Fu practitioners. A national tournament champion for over two decades, winning hundreds of awards, Master Powell has an intense passion for teaching and is known as one of the top Kung Fu instructors in the country.

In this program you will learn; traditional forms, weapons, 2-man fighting sets, sparring, and the unique joint manipulation art of Chin NA. Chin Na literally means “seize and control”. In our program, this art is taught as a method of “soft hand” control. It is ideal for women as it doesn’t require brute strength. You’ll be amazed at how, after just one class, easy it is to control a person’s body and movement by simply manipulating his finger joint.

You’ll also learn how to effectively defend yourself in our sparring classes. This portion of our program is taught in a safe and controlled environment. Whether you want to become a tournament champion or just want to spar for self-defense, this training will get you in serious fighting shape. Mandatory safety equipment is used for maximum protection. Watch as your confidence grows with each sparring session.

Lastly, all of our martial arts instructors have been personally trained and certified by Master Powell. They will give you the personal attention needed to help you reach your ultimate goal of  a Blackbelt. Private lessons are also offered as well as curriculum dvds to help you anchor in your understanding of this unique art.

Come and see for yourself how our program can improve your overall quality of life and personal safety.