In 1992, starting in the basement of his home, the Director/CEO, Master Samuel Scott and his partner, Master Wallace Powell, set out on an unrelenting mission to use martial arts as a vehicle to help bring about positive change in the surrounding communities.

Full Circle has received numerous awards for 25-years of community service from The Governor of Maryland. Prince George’s County Executive and The Mayor of Capitol Heights.

With over 43 years of martial arts experience, they have dedicated their lives to helping people, young and old, reach their highest potential through the teaching of martial discipline.

Something for everyone

As a family martial arts school, we not only provide programs for our young future leaders, we also have a host of self-defense programs for adults, including; Kung Fu, self-defense, and tai chi. More importantly, our adult students enjoy a camaraderie like no other. You’ll find them on the mat training together by day and out on a road trip by night. A true family environment!

At a Glance

Since 1992, Full Circle, through hard work and commitment to our students and surrounding communities:

  • Produced over 115 Black Belts ( Most of them children that started with us at age 5 -7 years old)
  • Mentored hundreds of children in the Prince George’s County School System. Bringing all of our mentorees to honor roll!
  • Produced a number of national tournament champions in forms, weapons, and fighting
  • Created a Teen leadership After School Program to teach our young leaders quality life skills
  • Created one of the first After School Martial Arts Program in the industry that currently serves over 20 public and private schools
  • Created a super exciting summer camp where our children not only have lots of fun but also keep their academic skills sharp as well
  • Created the famous “Holiday Give Back” program where each year our students feed over 500 homeless people and sponsor families for Christmas through Prince George’s social services
  • Taught thousands of women how to stay safe with our free seminars and workshops throughout the Washington Metro area
  • Provided employment for our young teen students to help them gain work experience and help them with their college obligations
  • Helped thousands of people through our highly successful fitness programs get in shape and take back control of their health

At Full Circle, we believe that martial arts is a vehicle for the transformation of the mind, body, and spirit.

When you see our young students, you see proud, confident, self-respecting future leaders, that strive for excellence in all areas of their lives. They are surrounded by caring adult mentors, who challenge and encourage them to strive for excellence in all areas of their lives. We encourage you to bring your child by our school to witness hundreds of young leaders challenging themselves to be the best that they can be…they will be inspired to do the same!

Don’t take our word for it, read what our parents have to say about our life changing program. Then, stop in and see for yourself how we’re building a better community… “One Black Belt at a Time!” Your child’s future depends on it!

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