Youth Kung Fu (Ages 7 and up)

This is where we lay the foundation for our future leaders. We provide a safe, nurturing, family environment that reinforces good family values. Yes, your child will learn how to defend themselves through our martial arts lessons, but our primary objective is to instill strong character traits that will last a lifetime.

The Director, Master Scott and his partner, Master Powell, both have over 43 years of martial arts experience and have dedicated their lives to improving the quality of life for our children through the teaching of martial discipline.

Statistics show that no other sport teaches the character building tools found in martial arts. Basketball and football are good sports that will help perfect your child’s athletic ability, but it does nothing to improve your child’s character.

As a former 15-year veteran with the Dept. of Corrections, Master Scott has seen first hand what happens to children that lack self-confidence. They become victims of peer pressure, bullies, and other negative influences. Sadly enough, he’s heard a lot of parents say, “My child wouldn’t do that…He’s a good child.” His answer to that is: “it’s not only your child we’re concerned with, but it’s also the child that sits next to your child in school!” (According to child psychologists, by age 10, children’s social influences are people in the neighborhood and school!)

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Check out these alarming statistics

Let us arm your child with the physical, mental, and emotional tools needed to successfully navigate their way through the critical stages of their life.

At Full Circle, your child will participate in:

Martial Arts Training – improves balance, coordination, rhythm, timing, and self-defense skills. Lots of fun drills are used in class to inspire teamwork, motivation, and competitiveness. You’ll smile with pride as your child transforms, right before your eyes, with every belt test.

Physical fitness – improves endurance, strength and overall fitness level.

Academic Achievement Program – students are encouraged and rewarded for academic excellence. An award ceremony is held at the end of the year. Straight “A” students are rewarded with a Grand Prize!

School Safe/Street Safe Program – this Nationally Acclaimed program is part of our awareness campaign to arm your child with the knowledge to recognize and avoid imminent danger on the street and in school.

They will also enjoy – movie night, sleep overs, Parent/Student Workout Day, school outings, and annual school trips.

“You won’t find this kind of commitment anywhere!”

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