Training Program

Law Enforcement – Security – Protection Specialist
“It’s not if you’ll need it, but when you’ll need it!”

Programs offered to Law Enforcement, Security, Executive Protection Specialists, and Body Guards. These programs include:

  • Compliance/Control Tactics
  • Finger Pressure Take-downs
  • Pressure Point Tactics (Basic and Advanced)
  • Edged Weapon Defense
  • Gun Disarm
  • Ground Defense
  • Tactical Team Response Training

The wide range of training includes: empty-hand tactics finger pressure takedowns, compliance and control techniques, advanced pressure points, and ground defense. Our weapon disarm training program includes gun disarms, impact weapons, and edged weapons.

For security personnel, we have a dynamic “team response” training program that teaches officers how to quickly respond, secure, and evacuate unruly subjects discreetly and with minimal force.

About the founder

Samuel Scott, Director & CEO of Full Circle Martial Arts Academy, has studied combat arts for over 30 years. He is a former 14+ year veteran of the Emergency Response Team) at the Department of Corrections (Prince George’s County, Maryland). He is also a certified trainer by the Maryland Police Training Commission.

Mr. Scott has taught numerous agencies and officers, both nationally and internationally, his “liability conscious” Defensive Tactics Training Program. Through this program, officers and security professionals learn proven methods for controlling unruly subjects while maintaining their own personal safety.

Read what others have to say about this program

“Our agency would like to say thank you for the great instruction that you gave our agency. The training techniques you use are an asset to any law enforcement agency. The training you gave our officers was very informative. The techniques that they learned have given our officers more self-confidence in their training as law enforcement officers.”

Sgt. Irwin Carmichael
Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office (NC)

“Your professionalism and dedication to the art is unquestionable and is displayed in the manner in which you teach. All of our training instructors were motivated and excited to be a part of this event.”

Malcolm D. Roberts, Training Academy Director
Prince George’s County Dept. of Corrections (MD)

“Outstanding course! Very knowledgeable instructors. Every Defensive Tactics course should be this good.”

Captain Gamble (Special Operations Commander)

“Very informative. The instructors broke down all the moves into steps that can be easily learned and practiced. I highly recommend this training to all concerned agencies.”


“This training more than met my expectations. The instructors were very knowledgeable and presented the info/purpose/practice of each exercise extremely well.”